Josef-Schwarz-Schule digital

The effortless and natural use of digital devices is our top priority. As a result, we design our everyday school life in a mixture of digitality and analogue work.


All our classrooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and one or more SMART boards. Each grade level also has several class sets of laptops and tablets. Parallel to the lessons in the classrooms, we use the learning platform MS -Teams as a tool to make lesson content accessible to students who are ill and also as a communication platform between teachers, students and parents. This means that there is no need to make the tedious journey to the school to get a brief update on the learning status from the relevant teacher or to attend a parents' evening. A quick call at the kitchen table at home is enough. 

To enable our teachers to deal with the digital world quickly and professionally, we equip them with their own terminal. In addition, our teachers regularly attend further training on the latest pedagogical app, learning programmes and other pedagogical tools and possibilities of the digital world.  

JSS in Lockdown

The Josef Schwarz School has managed to cope with the lockdowns of the Corona crisis so far without cancelling classes.

Laptop 1-1-Program (Laptop classes)

From grade 8 onwards, the Josef Schwarz School provides each pupil with his or her own school laptop in business quality. On this device, the student creates his or her own learning environment. Questions can be researched directly in class. Notes remain digitally stored and are available at any time.
Of course, the devices may also be taken home.
In this way, the pupils of the Josef Schwarz School are prepared at an early stage for learning and working in the digital world.