Admissions Process

Our admissions procedure in detail

1. Online Registration

As a first step, parents and students fill out our registration questionnaire online. You will then receive a confirmation of receipt. We will contact you in the spring before your desired admission date for the admission process.

2. Start of the admission procedure and documents

All registered families receive a questionnaire from us. The completed questionnaire and the report cards are the basis for our trial days in order to get an idea in advance.

3. Trial Days at JSS (alternatively online)

Parents and students are invited to talk to the school management and the Admission Team. This way, we get to know you even better and can determine whether the concept of the Josef-Schwarz-Schule fits you. This conversation also gives you the opportunity to clarify any open questions.

4. Admission Test

In order to assess your child's level of knowledge, we usually test German, Mathematics and English for 60 minutes each. Realschule students usually need the following grades for admission: English 2, German and Mathematics each once a grade 2 and once a grade 3 or better.

5. Decision and Place Offer

After the trial days, the decision on admission is made. You will receive the place offer by email.