Josef-Schwarz-Schule, established in 2012, is a school in northern Baden-Württemberg with an international outlook.

Secondary school focus on economics

Why should international trade be studied in depth? What makes a company internationally successful? How can I prepare myself for the working world of tomorrow?  

Basic economic questions like these concern the future of every person in our globalised world - and especially the the younger generation. Because we at the Josef Schwarz School want to prepare our students ideally for the world of tomorrow and for their career path, economics is one of our focal points in the upper school. Therefore, economics will also be offered as a five-hour performance subject in the course level.

Economics as a Performance Subject

Students learn to shape their everyday economic activities as consumers, future employees or entrepreneurs in a self-determined way and to critically question them.  

Therefore, the economics lessons at the JSS College are action-oriented and consistently geared to the students' lifeworld. Economic theories can be experienced in practice through simulations, business games, participation in competitions and excursions to regional economic actors. The college of the Josef Schwarz School focuses in particular on the understanding of international economic interrelationships and global goods and financial markets. 

Why should I choose economics?

The economics subject introduces students to the basics of economics, such as economic behavioural theories and market models, as well as to business administration. In this way, the economics subject creates the ideal prerequisites for a degree in business administration or economics. But this does not only apply to a degree course. A basic understanding of economics is also indispensable in other professional fields.

What do I need to be successful in Economics?

The subject Economics/ Career and Study Orientation at secondary level 1 provides the necessary competences to be successful in the performance subject Economics. In addition to a good analytical understanding, the enjoyment of dealing with economic and social issues is particularly advantageous. 

Fit for the career

At the Josef-Schwarz-Schule and especially at JSS College, it is very important to us to prepare the students for their career and future life.

Career orientation is intensified in the upper school and extended by offers for study orientation such as career fairs, BeSt seminars (career and study orientation) and university days. Through educational partnerships and cooperation with companies from the region as well as internships, the students gain insights into the professional world.  

In order to encourage the young people's spirit of entrepreneurship, they are also given the opportunity to set up their own student companies under the guidance of specialist teachers. This idea has also been realised architecturally: The students are to be provided with the premises for student companies in the school.  

In addition, the students can test their entrepreneurial skills by participating in the JUGEND GRÜNDET competition, where they develop their own business ideas and put their business plan into practice in a virtual company.