Why Bilingualism? 

We live in an ever-evolving and expanding global society where communication is key. For this reason, bilingualism is at the heart of everything we do at JSS.

German and English enjoy equal status both as working languages within our classrooms and as communicative languages throughout our school community. Not only does this enable our students to become natural in using at least two languages, it also ensures the development of open-minded learners with an appreciation and understanding of different lifestyles and cultures.

Bilingual Teaching

English is given a more or less equal weighting alongside German within our classrooms and across our school community. This means that students acquire English skills and vocabulary far more rapidly than they would in a normal state school, only taking part in a limited number of English lessons per week. Alongside English lessons at JSS, the subjects of Art, Biology, Geography, Music and Sport are often taught in the English language. This means that our students are exposed to a much wider range of vocabulary and terminology from an early age, increasing the speed at which they are able to master the language. 

For students who are relatively new to either of the languages, we have a comprehensive plan of foreign-language lessons and after-school booster programs to quickly raise students' base competencies. As well as this, many of our English native speaking staff are proficient in the German language and vice versa, meaning that students are made to feel comfortable and welcome within the classroom regardless of their language proficiencies. 

One Community, Many Languages

We are fortunate at JSS to have a multi-cultural team of staff from many varied language backgrounds. The majority of our teaching staff are native speakers in either German or English meaning we have plenty of expertise across both of our main target languages. Being bilingual is not just about being technically accurate in speaking two languages. It is also about being able to think, feel and live in both tongues. Our team of native speakers ensure that this becomes a reality for our students. 

Further Languages

When communication is key for success in this day and age, why stop at bilingualism? At JSS we also offer courses in French and Spanish, taught mainly by native speakers of those languages. Whether bi-, tri-, or quadri-lingual learners, our focus on language proficiency enables our students to have access to a truly global future.