Holiday Programme

The Josef-Schwarz-Schule also remains open for our students during the holidays.

The holiday programme invites children in the fifth and sixth grades to take advantage of the experiential and recreational activities offered by our staff. This includes handicrafts, sports and music activities as well as excursions and visits to museums or our partner, the Experimenta in Heilbronn. 

The holiday programme always takes place under the banner of different themes. For example, our school building has already been transformed into the magic school of a certain Harry P. and into a small Gallic village. Highlights such as Escape Rooms or treasure hunts inside and outside the JSS also encourage the children to work together. In order to promote the children's bilingualism during the holidays, the activities often take place in English (Bilingual Concept). A larger vocabulary is then acquired through play which is more easily learned and consolidated through the fun of the activity.

The holiday programme takes place during the following holidays:

  • Easter holidays
  • Whitsun holidays
  • Summer holidays (first 3 weeks)
  • Autumn holidays

The times are based on our regular all-day programme (daily schedule).
Food and drinks are of course also provided during the holidays.