Our country is known for its thought leadership in the natural sciences and for its innovative engineering.

Focus on natural sciences

The Josef Schwarz School feels responsible for laying the foundations for this. Therefore, the natural sciences are given a particularly high priority in our school. In order to enable the students to connect to the international world of studies, natural sciences are predominantly taught in English at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule.

Performance subjects in the field of natural sciences

For the JSS College, the upper secondary school, the Josef Schwarz School aims to offer all three natural sciences as performance subjects.

In our future school building in Heilbronn, our students will therefore have six fully equipped school laboratories at their disposal. In addition, we have an experimental laboratory according to university standards. The latter is intended to enable our upper school students to conduct active research, including long-term experiments. The aim here is to bridge the gap between school and scientific work and to prepare our students for a career in the natural sciences.

Cooperations and awards

In addition to the three main focuses, the outstanding equipment of our laboratories and the cooperation with the Experimenta form the core of our STEM concept, which is why we were awarded the STEM-friendly school certificate. We are one of the few schools that have both the "MINT-friendly school" and "digital school" certificates.