A balanced diet is important for children to develop healthily and to stay alert and concentrated, for everyday life at school. It also helps them to stay alert and improves concentration.

The school lunch is provided by the award-winning canteen of the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg. They ensure a healthy mixed diet containing regional and seasonal food, using only fresh quality products. Dishes are carefully put together using an appropriate amount of nutrient-rich ingredients that are low in calories. The kitchen team also takes health and religious needs into account whenever possible in terms of organisation.

Breakfast: The day begins with a healthy breakfast buffet in the Mensa. Cereals as well as fresh fruit, dairy products and bread rolls are offered.

Morning snack: A combination of animal protein such as sausage or cheese products served with fresh bread.

Lunch: Our freshly cooked lunch usually consists of two to three components together, usually a meat or fish portion, combined with vegetables and a satiating side dish like potatoes, noodles or rice. In addition, the students can serve themselves daily at a rich and changing salad buffet.

Afternoon snack: Because children are often hungry, a snack is also planned for the afternoon. Our chef offers you a sweet dish in addition to hearty snacks and fruit.

Drinks: There is always plenty of still and mineral water available so that children can refill their water bottles whenever they need to.

We want our students to learn how to appreciate food, which is why we always offer new combinations. Children can decide for themselves how much food they need. At the same time, this approach allows them to try new or unfamiliar foods in small quantities.

In order to emphasise our quality standards, we have been certified by the German Nutrition Society, DGE. Further information is available on