Talent Coaching

The goal of the talent coaching program at JSS is to recognize students with gifts and talents in specialized areas and to provide them with the opportunity to learn and be supported at their level.

The aim is to support high achieving and highly motivated students within the classroom by providing the knowledge and materials appropriate for teachers and support in high-level critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Students are officially recognized as gifted through outside testing from a psychologist but are also supported in the talent coaching program by outstanding performance within the classrooms as identified by the class teacher.  Students within the program are supported in a variety of ways: 

1. Enrichments

Students have the same topics and themes as their peers but are given goals and tasks at a higher level within the class community.

2. Acceleration 

Students are given the opportunity to accelerate past mastered topics and go on to goals at the next grade level.

3. Small group/individual support

Students work with the Talent Coach in a small group or one-on-one to support in critical thinking skills such as working through challenges.

4. External support

Students are given the opportunity to register for higher-level courses through the Hector Kinderakademie.