The Baden-Württemberg Secondary School graduation is one of the most prestigious degrees in the world.

I. Aims of the Secondary School graduation "Abitur"

The upper school (college) of the Josef Schwarz School enables students to determine their own individual focus of specialisation. By choosing the performance and basic subjects, each student can focus on his or her personal strengths and interests. The college of the Josef Schwarz School offers a wide range of possibilities. In addition to our focus on computer science, natural sciences and economics, we also offer performance subjects in German, languages and social sciences.

On the way to Secondary School graduation, we place particular emphasis on independent learning, methodological competence and a high degree of self-organisation.

In addition to the Baden-Württemberg Secondary School graduation, the college of the Josef-Schwarz-Schule also offers the "Internationales Abitur Baden-Württemberg" graduation.

II. Questions and answers

a) Which performance subjects are offered?

The range of performance and basic subjects offered depends very much on the choice of the individual pupils. The focus is clearly on computer science, natural sciences and economics, but we also offer a wide range of other performance and basic subjects.

b) What are the requirements for admission to the College?

  • An interest in the English language and a high level of spoken and written command of it, or the motivation to acquire it.
  • The ability to work in a performance-oriented and independent manner.
  • The desire to live and experience cultural diversity on a daily basis.
  • The willingness to learn in an open setting.
  • A grade 10 certificate from a Secondary School or community school at E-level (or a "Realschulabschluss" under certain conditions).

c) How can I handle the high percentage of English?

In general, we have seen that the students at the Josef Schwarz School manage this very quickly and well. Due to the high number of native English speakers among the teachers and students, everyday school life at the Josef Schwarz School resembles a stay abroad in an English-speaking country. Since English is also our second mother tongue at college, we learn immersively here, i.e. in the most natural way.

In addition, we actively support lateral entrants through:

  • Additional English lessons
  • Support with homework
  • Afternoon activities to catch up and deepen your knowledge
  • Regular German-language summaries in the English lessons
  • Enabling language trips, camps and stays abroad organised by our partners (currently in planning)