Entering College

The gymnasiale Oberstufe (G9) of the Josef-Schwarz-Schule is open to pupils of all gymnasia. Cross-entry is also possible for graduates of Realschulen and Gemeinschaftsschulen under certain admission requirements.

In general, interested students should have the following qualities:

  • An interest in the English language and a high level of spoken and written command of it, or the motivation to acquire it
  • The ability to work in a performance-oriented and independent manner
  • The desire to live and experience cultural diversity on a daily basis
  • The willingness to learn in an open, university setting
  • A grade 10 certificate from a Gymnasium or community school at E-level (or, under certain conditions, a Realschulabschluss)

An earlier entry, for example in grade 8 or 9, is advised in order to have enough time to adjust to the school atmosphere and learning culture.

Questions and Answers

1. How will I cope with the high proportion of English?

In general, we experience that the pupils of the Josef Schwarz School succeed in this very quickly and well. Due to the high proportion of native English speakers among the teachers and students, everyday school life at the Josef Schwarz School is like a stay abroad in an English-speaking country. Since English is also our second mother tongue at college, we learn immersively here, i.e. in the most natural way.
Nevertheless, we actively support lateral entrants through:

  • Zusätzliche Englischstunden 
  • Unterstützung bei den Hausaufgaben
  • Nachmittagsangebote zum Aufholen und Vertiefen
  • Regelmäßige deutschsprachige Zusammenfassungen in den englischsprachigen Stunden
  • Ermöglichen von Sprachreisen, Camps und Auslandsaufenthalten organisiert durch unsere Partner (in Planung)


2. I spent a year abroad in an English-speaking country. Is the College of the Josef Schwarz School the right school for me?

Definitely. Through our Bilingual Concept, we enable our students to have a bilingual school day. This means that we not only speak German and English equally in school life, but also integrate many elements of British or American school culture into our everyday life.
So you can continue your "stay abroad" at the college of the Josef Schwarz School. Only right on your doorstep.