Starting new with a foreign language

Due to the possibility of a new starting foreign language, French is not a prerequisite for admission to the JSS College. Instead, we offer our students the opportunity to learn another new foreign language only when they enter College, i.e. in grade 11.

The language currently taught at JSS College is Spanish.

After English and Mandarin Chinese, Spanish is the most important language in the world. It is spoken by 450 million people worldwide:
As an official language in over 20 countries, a language of world trade and a working language in numerous international organisations, Spanish also plays an important role in politics and business.  

The college of the Josef Schwarz School offers all students who aspire to the secondary school graduation but have not yet learned a second foreign language the opportunity to start anew with Spanish in grade 11. The lessons are designed according to the same principles as in the profile subject and are thematically oriented towards the older learners. By grade 13, the language level B1 can thus be reached.