Leadership Team

Ralf Schönborn
Head of Primary School

After many years in school leadership roles at different schools in both Germany and the USA, Ralf Schönborn started at our JSS as a leadership team member in October 2021. He then took over the position of primary school headmaster at both sites on 1 December last year. Ralf studied social pedagogy and worked in a youth home. 

Abigail Cossettini
JSS Primary Lead Erlenbach

Abigail Cossettini is a university trained teacher with a specialty in Gifted Education. She was a class teacher in public and bilingual schools in the US for 7 years before joining the Josef-Schwarz School in 2012. At Josef-Schwarz School, she has taught in the Reception, 1st grade and 2nd grade, as well as being a part of the school Leadership Team and working as the Talent Coach. 
Abigail Cossettini is currently on parental leave.

Kevin Helsel
JSS Primary Lead Heilbronn

Kevin Helsel is a trained primary and middle school teacher. He has a Master’s Degree in STEM Education (MINT) and has been working as a primary and middle school teacher for several years in schools in the U.S. and in Germany.  He joined the team at Josef-Schwarz-Schule in 2016 and has taught grades 1, 3, and 4. Currently he is working in the leadership team and is teaching in grade 1 at the JSS Campus Heilbronn. "I love working with kids and enjoy supporting the students and their families in having a positive experience in the primary school."

Daniela Hennig
Department Head Reception

Daniela is a trained Kindergarten teacher and studied Early Childhood Education at the Ludwigsburg Teachers’s College.  After finishing her Bachelor’s degree she worked in Kindergartens in the Heilbronn area.  In September 2012 Daniela started working for Josef-Schwarz-School. She began as a Reception teacher and later she took over as the Co-ordinator of the Reception programme.

Lisa Schüfer
Head of Primary School

Lisa Schüfer has been working at the Josef Schwarz School since 2014. She has managed the Heilbronn and Erlenbach sites together with Ralf Schönborn since returning from parental leave. Since 2015, she has been on the management team of the primary school and was responsible for all subject teachers and the German department. In January 2017, Ms Schüfer took over the primary school management. As a native of Neckarsulm who has now also settled at home in Erlenbach, she particularly appreciates the mix of local and international elements in the primary school.


Verena Schneiders
Primary Department Head Subject Teachers

Verena Schneiders is a trained primary school teacher. After graduating from high school, she did a voluntary social year and then studied at the University of Education in Heidelberg. She completed her traineeship at a primary school in the Rhein-Neckar district in 2018. After a one-year excursion to a SBBZ with a special focus on learning, she has been working as a German teacher at the Josef Schwarz School since the 2020/2021 school year. As of the new school year, she will be responsible for the subject teacher team and the German department at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule as a member of the leadership team. 


Karin Frank
Primary Department Head AT's/After School Programm

Karin Frank completed training as an educator and movement therapist. After many years of running an open children and youth ward, she joined the JSS team in 2015. Since 2019, Karin has been the After School Coordinator, managing the entire area of afternoon and holiday care and coordinating the team of assistant teachers.