Class Teachers/Tutors

The path to lifelong learning leads from experience to effectiveness and belief in your own capabilities.

The class teachers/tutors of the JSS fulfil their role with full commitment and a lot of heart and soul. They are characterised by a high degree of emotional intelligence, are approachable and tangible and thus see themselves as an open contact person for their students, colleagues as well as parents. The main focus is always on the well-being of the child.

We can guarantee this as a school by having one lesson per week firmly anchored in the timetable of all grades, which is used on the one hand to discuss organisational issues. Pupils as well as colleagues benefit from this fact in a double sense, as no valuable time is lost in the subject lessons for this purpose. On the other hand, the so-called "class meeting" offers time and space for team building measures within the class structure or the promotion of democracy and opinion formation, as explosive topics are addressed by the pupils themselves and described and discussed in a solution- and goal-oriented manner within the framework of a class council. The class teacher thus gains a sound insight into the dynamics of the class as well as the issues that move the class community, but still guides independent and collaborative problem solving.

Another central component of our class teachers is "coaching". This offers an additional opportunity to strengthen and deepen the relationship between class teacher and pupil. Two teaching hours per week are allotted to coaching time, which the class teacher uses to have a personal one-to-one conversation with each pupil in the class at regular intervals of about three to four weeks. The aim of this coaching is to signal openness and willingness to talk to the pupil; the first step is to establish a good contact with the pupil. At the same time, the class teacher gains an impression of how the child feels within the class structure and where he or she may be facing particular challenges. In this way, the class teacher succeeds in perceiving and channelling the concerns of his pupils. Through the joint formulation of individual goals, the pupil should learn to reflect on his or her own learning and work, to structure it and to be able to meet challenges appropriately. The class teacher accompanies this process on the one hand and gives the pupil feedback on the other.

In addition, our class teachers are the contact persons for the students, colleagues and parents of their class at all times and are available with an open ear for the concerns of the people involved. At the JSS, the class teachers can do this particularly well, as they have time for discussions and concerns of all kinds thanks to one relief lesson per week.

Responsibilities of Class Teachers

Coaching Talks 2h / Week
Class-Meeting 1h / Week
Communication Time 1h / Week