Information Technology

Information technology - the key to tomorrow's world Nothing is moving as rapidly in the current era as the transformation of our society toward the digital world. our digital society.

Buzzwords such as Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence are no longer found only in the sections of special homepages. They have long since become the generally valid guiding perspectives on which technology and business, especially in Baden-Württemberg, are oriented as a vision of the future.  

In order to guarantee that our students are connected to the digital world of industry, we would like to continue our ICM concept in the upper school; in the form of computer science bridge courses, the computer science basic subject as well as computer science performance subject offerings.

In addition to the basic subject, we also intend to offer the performance subject in Computer Science for the year (subject to approval by the Stuttgart Regional Council). The knowledge of the programming languages C++, Python and Java acquired in the middle school will be deepened and extended by in-depth knowledge of databases, technical computer science and theoretical computer science. The focus will continue to be on modern cryptological methods and the implementation of own machine learning programs in the Python programming language. The content taught at other schools will be extended with deeper knowledge of the project management framework SCRUM. The primary goal is to provide our students with valuable fundamentals for a career in the informatics field. We are convinced that these are an essential basis for the digital transformation of our society and economy.  

Informatics - The (primary) key to the world of tomorrow.