JSS College, in the centre of Heilbronn, is the bilingual path to Abitur in Baden-Württemberg.

We want to prepare both the graduates of our Secondary School and performance-oriented career changers from grammar schools and other schools for university and the world of work:

Our offer is aimed both at our lower secondary school students and children from other secondary schools. We are guided by the following principles:

I. Interculturality and Bilingualism

In view of the increasingly international world of work, we are convinced that mastery of the English language is a central factor for individual success. At many universities and in numerous large companies, communication is already predominantly in English. Young adults are already competing with international professionals in the labour market. The ability to express oneself fluently in English and to be aware of cultural differences is therefore becoming increasingly indispensable.
Our immersion system teaches English at native-speaker level and is thus comparable to a long stay abroad in the USA, Great Britain or another English-speaking country.

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II. G9 Abitur and International Abitur Baden Württemberg

In addition to the Abitur, we also offer our students the international Baden-Württemberg Abitur. This additional certificate is characterised by a higher proportion of English in the course level as well as in the examinations and is reserved for bilingual schools. Pupils with an international Abitur receive a higher level of English language certification and can thus show additional achievements when competing for university places.

More information about International Abitur

It is of particular concern to us that our pupils have more time than elsewhere to develop their skills and mature in character. We have therefore opted for the G9 system, in which the Abitur is taken after the 13th school year.

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III. Focus on Computer Science, Business studies and Science

As a school, we have committed ourselves to the motto "We don't learn for school, but for the future". We want to prepare our students for this very future, which is why we focus on the natural sciences, computer science and the performance subject economics. - Although, of course, performance subjects in other areas are also offered.

In order to provide our students with practical insights in these fields in addition to theory, we cooperate with Experimenta, École 42 and other strong educational partners in the Heilbronn area. We also take these goals into account in our building. For example, four fully equipped laboratories, some of them at university level, are available for the upper school alone.

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IV. Digital School, Professional Skills Training & Career Advice

Experience shows that for young people the step from school into the university or professional world is very big.

Questions often arise such as:

  • What should I study?
  • What are my strengths?
  • Which profession suits me?
  • How do I apply properly?

It is important to us to accompany our students on their way to answering these questions. This support is provided at JSS College by a professional career counsellor.
Not only since the forced lockdowns, the Josef-Schwarz-Schule has been a pioneer in the field of digitality. Every college student has his or her personal school laptop, all rooms are equipped with modern smartboards and document cameras and have wifi throughout. A modern learning platform (MS Teams) and an app-based timetable and substitution plan ensure modern teaching and everyday life.

Our 'Digital School' also provides close support and communication between pupils and teachers.

V. Building

We meet our goals with a modern, central and sustainable building. On the one hand, we rely on subject rooms that offer our students an inspiring learning environment oriented towards subject content. Based on the British model, our students are immersed in thematic worlds and can thus ideally adapt to the respective subject. 

The Quiet Spaces are quiet work zones comparable to a modern open-plan office. Students choose their own place according to the hot-desk principle. Here they can - digitally supported - do their homework, prepare papers or study in a concentrated manner.

Group work and meetings, on the other hand, take place in the teamwork spaces. Since project-oriented learning is a central component of the JSS College concept, cooperative work and active discussions take place here.